Our story

At VR Lab we set out to develop Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality solutions for a broad range of applications. Now its time to focus on bringing all our experience to Virtual Life Support.

The lab

The VR Lab started at the beginning of 2017 as a (co)working space for VR professionals, aiming to be a knowledge hub, an experience facility where organisations could experience VR, a community builder and finally a one-stop shop for developing new VR applications. VR development soon became more prominent and the VR Lab organisation started to grow.

VR Lab’s focus has shifted almost entirely to developing innovative VR, AR and MR applications for various industries in 2018. What remained was our curiosity, exploration and lots of experimentation. For our customers we developed many effective, affordable VR applications that are easy to use and unique.

Virtual Life Support

Mid 2022 VR Lab changed course! With Virtual Life Support™, the ultimate resuscitation training, we have embarked on a new and exciting journey. A journey of developing standard Virtual Reality software, exploring the boundaries of what is currently possible and where VR is most effective for applications that will suit many industries and many customers.

In the past 5 years, ever since we started VR Lab, we have delivered a lot of great, challenging and innovative projects for our customers, targeting a broad range of use cases. As a lab we have been fortunate to experiment with all that’s exciting about Virtual Reality. One of our recent projects was so exciting, that we decided to develop it into Virtual Life Support. And with that we have started to write our next chapter.