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Hi there,

We have just released an update to Virtual Life Support. Version 1.2 provides a number of smaller and bigger improvements with focus on manikin calibration and measuring CPR performance.

If you're an existing user, you will be able to get access to this update through your usual channel. If you're not an existing user, but would like to try out Virtual Life Support, get in touch by clicking the button below.

Release notes:
  • Added period of CPR without an AED (approx. one cycle of 30:2 before the AED arrives)
  • Clarified button label for saving the manikin calibration ('confirm' --> 'save')
  • Fixed 'giving breaths' interaction being triggered if trainee continues to watch for breathing after the indicated time has passed
  • Extended timing for giving two breaths to 10 seconds
  • New score calculation to better reflect CPR performance
  • Improved manikin setup experience by adding presets for popular models (currently only the Laerdal Little Anne preset is provided)
  • Height calibration (for non-presets) has been replaced by height input (which can be verified visually)
  • Added a manikin model (based on the Little Anne) instead of the full victim during setup
  • Removes delay before end of scenario after EMT tells you they will take over, and adds fading transition
  • Fixed issue where 'check surroundings' step would be started before the end of the prologue
  • Fixed issue where frequency of the first compression after a pause would be detected as out-of-target
  • Fixed issue where phantom compressions (0cm depth) would be detected occasionally
  • Meta Quest 2 only (consumer): Mixed reality passthrough view during setup for easier manikin calibration
Have fun with this update!

The VR Lab team
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