Hi there,

We are about to release version 1.5 of Virtual Life Support. This new version will start rolling-out today. It provides some exciting new features and improvements with a focus on increasing realism of the simulation.

If you're an existing user (including users of the evaluation version), you will be able to get access to this update through your usual channel. If you're not an existing user, but would like to try out Virtual Life Support, get in touch by clicking the button below.

We would appreciate any feedback you may have. Feel free to use the button below to send us your feedback.

  • Manual pad placement: trainees are now tasked with precise positioning of AED pads
  • Introducing Leroy: a distracting pedestrian who records the rescue with a smartphone
  • Introducing Camila: a distracting pedestrian attempting to navigate around the victim
  • Added a barking dog as a distraction
  • Added distracting traffic: a stopping vehicle triggers honks from those behind
  • Added people walking by in the distance
  • Integrated footstep audio for Olivia to aid situational awareness
Leroy and Camilla in the rescue scene
  • Improved visuals (environment) to increase realism
  • Improved interactions for grabbing and handling the AED pads
  • Added repeating instructions to emergency services call in case trainee isn’t sure how to proceed
  • Added fallback when trainee is unable to place pads in reasonable time
  • SimCPR support for Meta release channels
Bug fixes:
  • The back button in the setup dialogs now works as expected
  • Various other bug fixes and performance improvements
Have fun with this update!

The VR Lab team
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