Hi there,

We are about to release version 1.6 of Virtual Life Support. This new version will start rolling-out today, starting with the versions for Meta Quest 2 (and up), followed by the versions for Pico 4 Enterprise.

If you're an existing user (including most users of the evaluation version), you will be able to get access to this update through your usual channel. If you're not an existing user, but would like to try out Virtual Life Support, get in touch by clicking the button below.

We would appreciate any feedback you may have. You can click the button below to send us your feedback. This button takes you directly to the contact form on our website.
  • Added option to choose for a Compressed or shorter scenario: less time giving CPR, faster ambulance response times
  • New manikin presets: Laerdal Resusci Anne, Prestan Professional Adult
  • New scoring algorithm for report
  • Pause menu appears after taking off the headset, with an option to restart or resume
  • Pico 4 Enterprise only: the software will now enable hand tracking automatically when it is not active
  • Adjustment in AED feedback to avoid repeated 'PUSH HARDER' prompts when compression reading accuracy isn't guaranteed
  • Victim mouth opens slightly when tilting head to allow for rescue breaths
  • More accurate hand poses for giving breaths
Bug fixes:
  • Connecting a SimCPR to a Meta Quest 2, 3 or Pro is working again
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvement
Have fun with this update!

The VR Lab team
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